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Pirates of Radiant Garden
Life was rarely what it seemed. One could look at the Pirate Captain Xion Fair, and assume that she were a ruthless villain, while at the same time look at King Xehanort and assume him a just ruler. That is, if what happens in the shadows doesn't define us. I'm the 'ruthless' pirate, Xion. I'm only twenty, but I've done and seen more than most people have in a lifetime.
Almost five years ago, my life was good. I was just a hand maid for the Princesses Kairi and Naminé. I was raised with them, and they were my family. In more ways than you would think. My mother was just a servant in the castle of Radiant Garden, where she caught the eye of the late King Ansem. Yes, I'm the bastard child of the king. That never bothered me.
My mother died in childbirth, and Ansem took me in. I'm only a few weeks younger than Naminé, while about two years younger than Kairi. Admittedly, the Queen never liked me, but she died of an illness when I was only five. I don't remember much about her. M
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Chibi Heartless by Bluespottedfire Chibi Heartless :iconbluespottedfire:Bluespottedfire 0 0 Sage the Riolu by Bluespottedfire Sage the Riolu :iconbluespottedfire:Bluespottedfire 1 0 Anin the Sneasel by Bluespottedfire Anin the Sneasel :iconbluespottedfire:Bluespottedfire 0 0 Foxes by Bluespottedfire Foxes :iconbluespottedfire:Bluespottedfire 0 0
If I Never Woke Tomorrow
If I never woke tomorrow
And just faded into nothing,
Maybe then things would go right
And there would be no hurting.
I would stop hurting,
And fighting those I care for,
But wouldn't that make me a coward,
Running at the door?
If I never woke tomorrow,
What opprtunities would fly by?
I would never get the chance to love him,
Or even the chance to say "Hi!"
There would be no smiling,
Or even loving with those I want to.
It would all be a black sadness,
Missing out on what I want to do.
So maybe I should wake tomorrow
And fight my daily battles,
Because deep down we all know,
There's always a light through the hassles.
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  • Reading: Plans to kill my page XD
  • Eating: Chocolate
So I role play on Facebook on a Xion page. I've been role playing for over a year now, and due to graduating and other craziness going on in life, I've got to stop... So what me and my friends are doing is planning out one huge last RP to "kill" my page. What's sad is the page that's going to kill her is pretty much her brother... It's so tragic ;-; Anyways, the idea is Xion decends into darkness for revenge against those who hurt/killed her family, and ends up hurting her family even more... I love ideas like this~ >:D


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